New Editorial Team

Executive Council of Association of Agrometeorologists has reconstitued the Editorial Team w.e.f. May 2023

Dr. Vyas Pandey


Dr. H Venkatesh

Managing editor

                                               Theme Editors

Dr Abdus Sattar

Crop weather relationship and climatological analysis

Dr Joydeep Mukharjee


Dr. Ram Niwas

Crop simulation modeling

Dr Lalu Das

Climate change, its impact and modelling studies

Dr AVM Subba Rao

Crop weather pest & disease relationship and modeling

Shri R Balasubramanian

Weather and climate forecasting for agriculture

Dr. G. Sreenivas

Agromet advisory services and its socio economic impact studies

Dr N R Patel

Remote sensing and GIS applications in agriculture meteorology

Dr. T. Thamil Vanan

Livestock/ fishery weather relationship and modeling